Violent Death Reporting System
Violent Death Reporting System

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  The Los Angeles County Violent Death Reporting System

The Los Angeles County Violent Death Reporting System(LAC-VDRS) monitors the trends and circumstances of violent deaths affecting county residents. These data-can inform decision-makers and program planners about-ways to prevent and intervene on violence in the community, at home, and in the workplace. This system-contributes to the National Violent Death Reporting-system (NVDRS).

  • Collect data on violent deaths

    Collect Data on Violent Deaths

    • Homicides
    • Suicides
    • Unintentional Firearm Deaths
    • Legal Intervention Deaths (those caused by law enforcement in the line of duty)
    • Undetermined Intent Deaths (those where the cause could not be established)

  • Utilizes Multiple Sources

    Utilizes Multiple Resources

    • Death Certificate
    • Coroner/Medical Examiner Reports
    • Toxicology Results
    • Law Enforcement Reports
  • Collect data on violent deaths

    Provides Comprehensive Information

    • Who is killed(age, race/ethnicity, gender, etc.)
    • When and where the injury occurred?
    • How the injury occurred (firearm, stabbing, fall, etc.)
    • What drugs may have contributed (toxicology results for the victim)
    • What circumstances may have led to the death (fight, gangs, job loss, mental health, etc.)

  • Utilizes Multiple Sources

    Available data for Los Angeles County

    • 2010-2016 (Complete,CalEVDRS data)
    • 2017 (Complete, NVDRS data)
    • 2018 (Will be available late 2020)

Available data for Los Angeles County

Many agencies share data to be included in LA County VDRS. Current partners in LA County are:

  About NVDRS


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) funds all 50 states, plus Washington DC and Puerto Rico collect data for NVDRS. In California, the Department of Public Health (CDPH) provides funding to Los Angeles County Department of Public Health to collect NVDRS data locally.

  History of NVDRS in LA County

Los Angeles County initially participated in NVDRS from2006-2008. CDPH lost NVDRS funding after 2008 because of difficulties in obtaining law enforcement data, but developed their own California Electronic Violent Death Reporting System (CalEVDRS) to continue to collect available data on violent deaths throughout California. Supported by funding from CDPH, Los Angeles County participated in CalEVDRS from2010-2016, and since 2017 has participated in NVDRS.

  Research and Reports

Scientific Publications

Scientific Publications

Comparison of Veteran and Non-Veteran Suicides in Los Angeles County PDF Icon

VDRS Presentations

Presentations using LA County VDRS data

  • Comparison of gang and non-gang homicides
  • Examining incidents where a homicide is followed by the suicide of the suspect
  • Examining suicides that were witnessed by another individual
  • Comparing suicide victims who made specific threats vs less specific suicidal statements
  • Examining suicides with a reported intimate partner problem

For more information about the Los Angeles County Violent Death Reporting System, please contact: Isabelle Sternfeld,

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