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Suicide is a significant public health issue for people of all ages in Los Angeles County. Fortunately, there is help available when contemplating suicide or self-harm, or in other moments of crisis.

We encourage everyone to get connected with supportive mental health resources, get educated about warning signs and prevention strategies, and to get informed about the data.

To talk to someone about self-harm and/or suicide or to get help now, call or text 988.


If you or someone you know is thinking about self-harm, suicide, or is experiencing a mental health crisis, please know that help is available. The following resources are available for both those who are in need of help for and for those are worried about someone else.

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Resources are available with experienced professionals who can lend a listening ear, answer questions related to suicide or self-harm, or make a connection to mental health support services.

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

    National Resource to assist anyone in suicidal crisis or emotional distress through comprehensive online resources or lifeline support
    Telephone: 988 (24/7 English | Espaņol)
    800-799-4889 (Deaf or Hard of Hearing)
    Visit Chat/Website

  • Didi Hirsch Mental Health Life Line

    LA based suicide prevention and substance abuse treatment center
    Telephone: 800-273-8255 (24/7 English | Espaņol)
    877-727-4747 (Korean 4:30 pm - 12:30 am 7 days a week PST)
    Visit Website

  • 24/7 Crisis Text Line

    Text-based mental health support and crisis intervention
    Text:"HOME" to 741741
    (Text "HEARME" to 839863 for Deaf and/or Hard of Hearing)

  • California Youth Crisis Line

    Crisis counseling and resource sharing for youth and families
    Telephone: 800-843-5200 (24/7 English Only)
    Text: 800-843-5200 (24/7 English Only)
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The resources below are additional hotlines, text, and chat services that provide crisis intervention and mental health support to individuals looking for support or for concerned loved ones.

For All Ages

  • LA County Department of Mental Health ACCESS Warm Line

    Resource to connect LA County residents with mental health services
    Telephone: 1-800-854-7771 (English/Espaņol)

  • Veterans Crisis Line

    Crisis support for anyone who has served in any military/armed forces
    Telephone: 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1 (24/7 English | 24/7 Espaņol)
    Text: 38255 (English Only)
    Visit Chat/Website


  • National Disaster Distress Lifeline

    Crisis counseling following disasters, both physical and human-made (including COVID-19)
    Telephone: 800-985-5990 (24/7 English | 24/7 Espaņol)
    Visit Website

  • National Alliance on Mental Illness

    Support services and resource sharing for those with a mental illness
    Telephone: 800-950-NAMI[6264] (Monday through Friday, 7am - 7pm PST English Only)
    Text: NAMI to 741-741 (24/7 English Only)
    Visit Chat/Website

  • Los Angeles County
    Human Services Hotline

    Resource sharing and provider referrals throughout LA County
    Telephone: Dial 211 (24/7 English, Spanish & Additional Languages)
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  • CalHOPE Connect Warm Line

    CA resource that offers safe, secure, and culturally sensitive emotional support for all Californian's who may need support relating to COVID-19
    Telephone: (833)317-HOPE(4673) (24/7 English | Espaņol)
    Visit Chat/Website

For Children, Youth & Families

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Resources for Specific Identities or Cultural Groups

Additional sources of support are available for groups or for individuals with unique identities. Some resources offer telephone or chat support while others offer referrals or online spaces for connection.

  • Postpartum Support International

    Providing supportive resources to recent childbearing individuals
    Telephone: 1-800-944-4773 (Dial 1 para Espaņol or 2 for English)
    Text: "Help" to 800-944-4773 (EN)
    "Help" to 971-203-7773 (Espaņol)
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  • Suicide Prevention Resource Center Resources for Survivors of Suicide Loss

    Resources for those who have survived a suicide attempt or lost a loved one to suicide
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  • The Trevor Project

    Crisis support for LGBTQ+ Young People and allies
    Telephone: 1-866-488-7386 (24/7 English Only)
    Text: "START" to 678-678 (24/7 English Only)
    Visit Website


  • Suicide Prevention Lifeline Native Americans and Alaskan Natives

    Culturally specific resources and referrals for Native Americans and Alaskan Natives
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Resources Based in Los Angeles County

The resources below are additional sources of support that are available for individuals and groups. While some of these resources may offer telephone or chat support, they also offer provider referrals or online spaces for connection.

  • Los Angeles County Youth
    Suicide Prevention Project

    Resources for educators, parents, and students
    Visit Website


  • Why We Rise LA

    LA County Department of Mental Health led-project to encourage wellbeing and healing through art, connection, community engagement and creative expression
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To talk to someone about self-harm and/or suicide
or to get help now, call or text:

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