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Acute Communicable Disease Control
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Acute Communicable Disease Control
Acute Communicable Disease Control Manual (B-73) 

Revised sections will be updated to Part IV as soon as they become available.
 Amebiasis    Giardiasis  Psittacosis
 Anaplasmosis  Glanders   Q Fever (Query Fever)
 Anisakiasis  Gonorrhea   Rabies, Human and Animal
 Anthrax  Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease
 (Outbreaks Only)
 Relapsing Fever  (Louse-borne, Tick-borne)
 Botulism   Haemophilus influenzae Invasive Disease  Respiratory Disease Outbreaks
 (see also Influenza)
 Brucellosis  Hansen's Disease (Leprosy)  Ringworm of Scalp - Outbreaks
 Campylobacteriosis  Hantavirus   Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
 Chagas   Hepatitis A  Rubella, Acute or Postnatal (German Measles)
 Chickenpox  Hepatitis B Rubella, Congenital
 Chlamydia   Hepatitis B, Perinatal   Salmonellosis
 Cholera  Hepatitis  C  Scabies
 Coccidioidomycosis  Influenza - Cases and Outbreaks
(see also Respiratory Disease Outbreaks)
 Shigellosis (Dysentery, Bacillary)
Coronavirus, Novel (COVID-19)
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 Legionellosis    Smallpox
COVID-19 for Acute Psychiatric Hospitals  Leprosy (Hansen's Disease)  Staphylococcal Infections
COVID-19 for Congregate Residential Settings  Leptospirosis  Streptococcal Infections, Group A
COVID-19 for Congregate Settings Associated with People Experiencing Homelessness  Listeriosis  Streptococcal Toxic Shock Syndrome
COVID-19 for Non-Residential Congregate Settings:
Early Child Care and Education Providers and K-12 Schools
 Lyme Disease Streptococcus pneumoniae, Invasive
(see Pneumococcal, Invasive Disease)
COVID-19 for Institutes of Higher Education (Non-Residential and Residential Settings)  Malaria  Syphilis 
COVID-19 for Law Enforcement, Correctional and Detention Facilities  Measles (Rubeola)   Taeniasis (Cysticercosis)
COVID-19 for Non-Residential Settings
(including Worksites, Food Service Facilities, and Places of Worship)
COVID-19 for Skilled Nursing Facilities  Meningitis, Viral - Outbreaks
 Cryptosporidiosis  Meningococcal Infections  Trichinosis
 Cysticercosis  Monkeypox   Tularemia
 Dengue  Mumps - Outbreaks  Typhoid Fever, Acute
 Diphtheria Necrotizing Fasciitis
(see Streptococcal Toxic Shock Syndrome)
 Typhoid Fever, Carrier
 Ebola Virus Disease Norovirus Outbreaks (Gastroenteritis, Viral - Outbreaks)  Typhus, Flea-Borne
 E. coli  Paratyphoid Fever   Vibriosis , Non-cholera
 Ehrlichiosis (see also Anaplasmosis)  Pediculosis - Outbreaks  Waterborne Disease Outbreaks
 Encephalitis, Acute Viral  Pertussis (Whooping Cough)  West Nile Virus
 Encephalitis, Arboviral  Plague   Yellow Fever
 Foodborne Disease Outbreaks  Pneumococcal, Invasive Disease  Yersiniosis
 Gastroenteritis, Viral - Outbreaks  Poliovirus Infection  Zika Virus Disease


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